Information for Milk Donors

Thank you for choosing to donate your surplus milk to Third Strand. Because of you we are able to serve healthy, nursing babies in need of donated milk, who do not qualify for milk from industry standard NonProfit Milk Banks. Without your donation, healthy, nursing babies who find themselves in need of donated milk (because of mother’s death or life-threatening illness) would, otherwise, not be able to obtain it. 

Your intimate and generous act of kindness allows these babies to be served by Third Strand. However, the milk that is donated to Third Strand, by mothers like you, will ultimately be delivered to industry standard Milk Banks in an exchange for screened and pasteurized milk that we can immediately provide to the families we serve (See our Services Page). Therefore, the main recipients of donated milk are babies who are the most fragile, vulnerable, and at risk - in NICUs and outpatient babies.

We always need milk, so please refer friends, family, and colleagues.

To donate, please acknowledge that you have read this form, and complete the application form on the following page. Upon receipt of your form, a Donor Liaison from Third Strand will contact you with further instructions. 

Upon our initial contact with donor mothers, Third Strand will verify that you meet all of the requirements set forth by industry guidelines and standard practices. It is essential that you answer each of our questions truthfully, and to the best of your knowledge, as babies’ lives depend on it. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Screening Requirements

Though we appreciate all who are interested in donating, there are certain qualifications one has to pass in order to donate.

By submitting your form on this website and donating your milk to Third Strand, you are agreeing to our process. It is vital that, along with your milk, you donate your full cooperation to this process. Once your milk is received by Third Strand, it is available to us to deliver to a industry standard Milk Bank in exchange for pasteurized milk to be presented to a baby being served by us. Upon delivery of your milk and your information to the Milk Bank, a representative of that Milk Bank will contact you and proceed with their standard operating procedures for milk donations, which include:

Answer a verbal questionnaire
Fill out a written questionnaire
Allow your health care providers to be contacted
Agree to a blood test

Breast Milk Donors Are

Not donating milk within 12 hours of alcohol consumption!