Mission Statement:

The Mission of Third Strand is to ensure that healthy nursing babies, in need of Donor Human Breast Milk, are able to receive it in a safe and healthy manner and at no financial cost to the family.

Our Focus:

Healthy Nursing Babies who have lost a mother & Healthy Nursing Babies who’s mother is unable to breastfeed due to life-threatening illness.

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The Third Strand Foundation

Third Strand is a NonProfit Organization, incorporated in the State of Texas, established to organize, collect and manage donations of Breast Milk being made directly to families in their times of need. Our primary focus is on healthy, nursing babies who have tragically lost a mother, and who do not qualify for charitable milk donations from any of the industry standard Milk Banks in operation. 

Third Strand’s process is a continuous act of ‘paying-it-forward’ so that the milk generated by these events does not go to waste and so that the babies it was intended to feed are provided safe and healthy Breast Milk that has been screened and pasteurized at zero cost to the families we serve. 

Third Strand operates under the guidance of a Medical Director and a Board of Directors, and manages all donated milk in accordance to industry standards guidelines and recommendations. Our goal is that all donated milk goes to feed a baby in need of it and that the healthy babies that generate the donations we manage are cared for appropriately. 


Third Strand organated in 2016, in Canyon, Texas, a small town in the Texas Panhandle. It is a small portion of a legacy left behind by Kalee Joy-Barton and the tremendous outpouring of love, support and generosity shown by mothers from across the country who donated their own breast milk to her son, Cru.