The mission of Third Strand is to provide safe donor breast milk to healthy nursing babies who have lost a mother or whose mother is unable to breastfeed due to a serious or life-threatening illness.


The purpose of Third Strand is to carry on the legacy of Kalee Joy-Barton through love, faith and service. 

Love - love others during their darkest hour or greatest time of need

Faith - share the story of God making beauty from the ashes in our lives, his love and his plan that is at work every second of every day in every one of our lives

Service - serve others through our actions, words and advocacy

-These are three of the many attributes that Kalee was known by everyone to portray daily. It is our purpose to continue her legacy through these by paying forward the intimate generosity of mothers who desire to help others in their toughest times.









Third Strand is a NonProfit (501c3) incorporated in the State of Texas, established to organize, collect and manage donations of Breast Milk being made directly to families in their times of need. Our primary focus is on healthy, nursing babies who have tragically lost a mother, and who do not qualify for charitable milk donations from any of the industry standard Milk Banks in operation.


The milk that is provided by Third Strand is distributed, free of charge, to families in accordance with our mission.

Third Strand originated in 2016, in Canyon, Texas, a small town in the Texas Panhandle. It is a small portion of a legacy left behind by Kalee Joy-Barton and the tremendous outpouring of love, support and generosity shown by mothers from across the country who donated their own breast milk to her son, Cru.